My new planner

In the beginning of this year, I realized my daily planner was not good enough for multiple reasons, and wanted to create what I really need. I stumbled upon and after playing with the few sizes, choose the largest one (A4), which is their heaviest by weight as well. Their online software was super easy to use (few minor flukes, not a biggy). Once I knew what I wanted to plan in the planner, it took around 3 weeks for planner to get printed and to be shipped.

The planned arrived properly packaged and the first impression was good. The planner is about 2cm thick and heavy (as expected)

1. Front and back pages. They are somewhat customizable online (you can choose from many templates) with colors, texts, etc - or by placing your own photos/pictures. If you want to have a collage with multiple photos,  first create it as the single image elsewhere (they offer a link in FAQ). My cover selection was shiny gold and I put the name and my web site on the front page. The back side I choose has one of their "template" images. 

2. Freebies. Planner arrived with a full page of cute stickers, ruler (choose your color), ribbon for holding it (pick your color, mine is gold), plenty of empty pages on the back (and fully customizable - some I choose as blank, some are lined). If you wish, you can also add coloring pages, etc. Cover came with an extra hard plastic protection pages for front and back, and the page-protective sleeve (not the pencil pocket, but more for keeping stickers or 1-2 pages). You can even add all the birthdays to planner, and it will calculate how old will be the person during this year. Really COOL!

3. Page #1 shows my information in case the planner get lost. You can write your text text, add emoticons, etc. Very useful. 

4. Month overview. This is a page with large boxes where you can put all your appointments, etc. At the end of the book I have a month overview as a least of accomplishments within this year. 

5. Main part: 

a) Daily entries. Top banner, where you see the name of the month, offers various colors/patterns from many designs/templates. I love polka dots and the combination of light green and hot pink makes me happy. 

b). Days in month. Here you have MANY choices for the layout. Anyway you wish! I choose this particular one because on top of 7 days a week, it gives me an extra 8th space which i needed for my personal goals, moments, and daily overview. In that empty space #8 I am tracking down LEARNING portion (lessons in life I learned this week, new cooking/technical/spiritual skills acquired, new piece of knowledge on any subject (new singers), etc. Second portion is MOMENTS. Then I write down my pleasant and unpleasant moments of the day. Noticing them, acting or not acting on them, reflecting = super important, part of Mindfulness practice. And the last portion is GRATITUDE. All those 3 areas are made to notice and appreciate different people/thing in/around me.  

c). Daily boxes. Days 1-7: to do, appointments, etc. I customized them with stripes for easy writing (you can choose blank, no stripes), and you can also add the time to lines if you wish. I added three sections/boxes there. You have many choices with A4, even graphs. My first section/box is "weather", I will be using it to track down my daily water consumption (5 mini-checkboxes on top), mindfulness meditation (3 mini-checkboxes below), time spent on meditations (last empty weather square to enter the time). My last 3rd daily box ("today's workout) is for my learning. There I will be adding a time I spent on Udemy, and other online courses. Last portion (today workout) will be a combination of my practical healing workouts (energy, sound, etc), physical exercises, etc. Its important for me to track down self-growth/learning/appreciations, so I choose this layout with such purpose.  

d) Modules at the button. You can also choose variety of what YOU need wrt your desired boxes. They come pre-made with their colors/templates. I should say that size of planner gives you different number of choices for those modules. My choice was 3 boxes "To do this week" (each box per each kid, one box for family, one for my personal goals). Then I have a mini calendar (comes by default), and last space for NOTES, which I will be using for tracking down the books I am reading. Notes from reading the book and my various community projects, as well as tracking down the results of that work,  will be at the very end on the blank and lined pages of my planner. I will be also using my blank pages as the job search journal and doodling. 

Personal planner company sent an extra page with the 10% coupon for a friend.  Yours to use freely.

PS: This is an independent review and I get nothing from the company. Thanks for stopping by. 


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