Infinite self-learner, life explorer, wisdom seeker and spiritual adventurist, infused with mix of many cultures,

languages and traditions. 

Geek, who loves tech challenges, wires & Unix. 

Woman, with the quite voice.

Pioneer of the Russian Internet. 

Founder and co-founder of many successful internet and real life projects, groups, and clubs. 

Active community volunteer (over 20+ events in a 2014) 

Altruist and philanthropist. 

Event Manager (Organized Russian Fair with 3K+ Participants)

Mentor, adviser and the endless STUDENT. 

Traveler beyond 5th sense and 3rd dimensions. 

Entrepreneur, Beekeeper and CEO of GoldenHex Inc. 

I am here to improve lives of others. Support, share and give. I truly enjoy giving, connecting, helping. At the end of my road, it will not be important how many LIKES I clicked, how many pictures I shared, or how many of my posts made people to smile. What would be important to me is that the impact I left on the single life at the time.  Or - a community :) 


This blog is about my personal adventures, experiences, thoughts and feelings. I will be sharing knowledge and tips. Writing about remarkable and interesting people I meet. Talking about fun places. Crazy Ideas. Life stories.  From my soul - to yours.

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Lilia Shwarts (aka devishnik)