"Altruism is a muscle of the human soul that needs to be nurtured and watered with the good deeds" (C(c) Lilia S)

Altruist Statement of adVenturous unCapitalist. 

Short version. 

1. I help when I can. When I want. Where I want.

2. I owe nothing to anyone. No one owns anything to me.

3. I help for free, with joy - and with no strings attached.   

Long version.

For over the two decades, I have been volunteering for various communities, organizations and individuals. Both in real life, and the virtual reality. 

I have been constantly learning my personal rules to live by - as an altruist. Its a life-long process and every experience - good or bad - is my own lesson. I'm greateful for all of them.

I have learned that I need to establish boundaries - for myself and for others, as altruism is like a workaholism: it's incredibly addictive. And one can forget to go home on time. 

I have learned that I enjoy altruism much more, when it is anonymous. Why anonymous? It feels better this way. I prefer to stay private with things that are dear to me. I enjoy altruistic work and I believe, I am really good at it. It's a very rewarding experience. The gift of connecting and helping comes to me naturally, since a babyhood. It also runs in the family: for a few generations, they were very involved in helping women, children and orhpans. I carry their DNA with pride. 

I have also learned that my desire to help others can make some people feel they own me. After being helped, they start expecting more help, time, attention - even demanding it. "No sense of someone's personal time and space" (S.M). That's, when relashionship become unhealthy and I quit. I owe nothing to anyone. No one owns anything to me. I help for FREE, with joy and pleasure, and don't expect even "thank you". But I will not allow to be used. 

And. I am not an angel. I do put boundaries and make it clear for myself and others, that: there are things I can help with; there are things that I can't. I help when I can. When I want. Where I want. For the Highest Good. And for the reason, that are truly unknown to me. So, help me G-d :)

With Love,


PS: I'm temporarely out of service. Read my college decision blog to find out why :)